The launch of WaterScape includes the provision of a Discussion Document. We will seek comments via social media and presentations; we hope to provide 10 – 15 presentations; and comments will be open until May 29, 2020.

WaterScape III will be delivered through the community engagement portfolio of the Ontario Headwaters Institute (the OHI), which requires collaborative efforts in participation with partners. Consistent with our other efforts focused on policy development, educational activities, and civic engagement, WaterScape III will be non-partisan and non-political, adhering to federal and provincial guidelines.

We thank our early funders, a key group of advisors who provided guidance and expertise, and organizations supporting WaterScape as a publicity and/or event partner. In fact, we already have commitments to stage 6 of our target of 10 – 15 presentations. We look forward to seeing you at an event and reading your comments.