Biodiversity, Resilient Landscapes, and Healthy Waters

Welcome to WaterScape, an on-going program of the Ontario Headwaters Institute launched on September 1, 2020 upon the completion of  WaterScape III. 

Like WS III, the OHI is leading WaterScape but it will be delivered through our Civic Engagement portfolio, which requires and relies on partners to deliver projects.

Our mission is to facilitate community discussion on the recommendations and next steps from WaterScape III: working to secure enhanced protection for Ontario’s biodiversity, resilient landscapes, and healthy waters.

To keep this site current and manageable, Information on WaterScapes I and II can be found at





Please join us for a Biodiversity Webinar , 7 pm October 28

As described in our recent announcements, we are pleased to announce details on the promised webinar on Biodiversity, 7 – 8:25 pm Wednesday October 28, on Ontario’s Model for Biodiversity Conservation, with Steve Hounsell, Chair, Ontario Biodiversity Council. Registration is required. Registration and all other information can be found at October 28 Biodiversity Webinar


Report on WaterScape III and new WaterScape Program Announced

Sept 1 — The OHI today released a report on WaterScape III and launched a new, on-going WaterScape program. The report on WaterScape III summarizes input from 165 participants at 6 gatherings and features nine strategic recommendations, with three each on Biodiversity, Resilient Landscapes, and Healthy Waters. The mission of the new WaterScape Program is to facilitate community discussion on the recommendations, which we’ve used as the basis for a Declaration to Preserve Ontario’s Ecological Integrity. The nine recommendations and a link to the full report on WaterScape III can be seen at The Declaration to Preserve Ontario’s Ecological Integrity and the opportunity to support it, can be seen at

WaterScape to become an on-going OHI program

Due to the pandemic and to continuing breakneck action by the Ontario government, we have completed WaterScape III in a shortened timeframe and will post the project Summary, Recommendations, and Next Steps soon. Headlines are that: the OHI continue WaterScape as an on-going program, based on a desires expressed by participants for an on-going effort; we have designed some exciting next steps to engage the community that will be announced in conjunction with the release of the Summary, Recommendations, and Next Steps; and that “roman numeral projects” will end with WaterScape III but we will continue to implement specific projects that will require partners. Information on past projects, WaterScapes I and II, will be maintained at, while information on WaterScape III and the new on-going efforts will be posted here.